What We Do

The Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI) is dedicated to serving as a resource for the on-premise sign industry and a reliable source of information about on-premise signs.

FASI strives to share the societal benefits of on-premise signage and support the efforts of sign organizations, trade publications, end-user groups and academic institutions conducting studies of signage and related subjects.

“FASI’s mission is to serve the informational needs of sign professionals and the industry they represent. We offer support useful in facilitating sign companies’ day-to-day operations, as well as providing regulatory and advocacy tools to improve the larger environment in which today’s sign companies operate.”  — Bill Dundas, Executive Director

Our Mission

  • Provide educational, technical and regulatory resources for the on-premise sign industry.
  • Partner with other sign industry organizations and trade publications for the overall benefit of the industry.
  • Support the development of a succession plan for the American Sign Museum.
  • Educate stakeholders in the regulatory sphere concerning the unique role of the signage medium and its corresponding requirements.
  • Provide informational support for sign-specific research and curricula developed by the University of Cincinnati and other educational institutions.
  • Report relevant industry news from all sources.
  • Support scholarship programs and vocational training related to signage and corresponding subjects.
  • Conduct internal research to make new educational resources and business tools available to sign professionals.